There’s beauty in Catholicism.

But many times it gets marred by the concerns and opinions of the world, by confusion and misunderstandings, and (if we’re honest) by unscrupulous Catholics.

This page is all about presenting the beauty and integrity of Catholicism.  The Heavenly Toast is a multi-headed beast of an apostolate, dedicated to the promotion and joy of art, the logical presentation of the faith, and an honest look at real life.

My vision for the blog and Facebook page is for it to be St. Francis de Sales in your pocket.  While I could never hope to equal the Gentleman Saint, I post to help me grow closer to Christ through his Church, and to lead others to do the same.

I post often-partially to help with my rampant streak of perfectionism, partially to live out the virtue of generosity.  Hopefully it doesn’t become a penance for you.  The proclivity to ship isn’t something that comes naturally to me, but I hope that it will.  And I hope you enjoy what I ship.

So thank you for joining me.  Enjoy, critique, laugh, and cry.  Be a saint.

“Non Nisi Te, Domine.”