Beige Catholicism | Pt 44

“Beige is a color that neither offends nor pleases,” a coworker recently quipped. I couldn’t help but connect that idea to what Bishop Robert Barron frequently calls “Beige Catholicism”-the kind of wimpy cafeteria Catholicism that is quick to pull back from tough issues, places an emphasis on being nice over being true, and in general wilts like an overdone noodle.

When we fail to defend the faith from inaccurate accusations, when we compromise with tough moral issues, when we give such a limp explanation of the faith that people don’t even know what we actually believe, we suffer from Beige Catholicism.

It has no teeth.

It has no beauty.

It has no value.

There is no lowness of psalm 51, but there is no heights of the book of Revelation, either. There is no Good Friday, and no Easter Sunday. Jesus was just a cool dude. And we hang out with other cool dudes when the mood strikes us, and we don’t when it doesn’t.

The real Jesus is God Himself. He whispers and shouts. He laughs and weeps. There is crescendo and there is silence. This is the God that Catholicism proclaims, and it is only by proclaiming this that we can truly come into right relationship with him and worship him properly.

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