Too Dainty to Eat With Our Fingers | Pt 29

“‘I’m afraid there’s no niche in the world for people that won’t be either Pagan or Christian. Just imagine a man who was too dainty to eat with his fingers and yet wouldn’t use forks!'” –CS Lewis, That Hideous Strength

I loved this quote in one of CS Lewis’ strange, but amazing books. It served as a great reminder that there really isn’t a middle ground in the life of faith-God walks with us as we come step-by-step, but we really cannot remain stationary.

As we enter into Passiontide, the tension in the readings that we hear during mass will increase, as we see the confrontations between the Jewish establishment and Jesus come to a breaking point. Decisions are made, and the divine plan unfolds.

We have a little less than 2 weeks left in Lent. This is the perfect opportunity for me (and for you, too) to take a peek at spots that are still lacking in our lives of faith, and to find those spots where I am much too “civilized” to eat with my fingers, yet I will not pick up a fork and eat.

It’s worth accusing ourselves and trying to move towards the goal now-the Supper of the Lamb is offered to us on Holy Thursday, and we are invited to enter into Jesus’ death on Good Friday, so that we might rise with him on Easter Sunday.

The terrible promise of Catholic Christianity is that at the end of each person’s life, they will either become a saint or they will go to hell. The great promise that always comes with that is that we will never lack the divine assistance to do the former if we choose to avail ourselves of it.

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