See No Evil | Pt 27

I was listening to a Joe Rogan podcast recently (link below-there is probably some vulgarity in the show), where his guest was Peter Hotez, an expert on tropical parasitic infections and a leading voice for the pro-vaccination movement.

At one point, Joe questioned him as to why he wasn’t taking part in any public debates with anti-vaccination folks, and Peter replied that by sitting down to debate gave their viewpoint legitimacy. At this point, Joe jumped on him, saying that the anti-vaccination movement had 19 books that were outselling his own; he did not need to give them legitimacy-they already had it, and were gaining it completely independent of anything that his guest was doing. I was happy that Joe pushed back on his guest like that.

I also saw a clear parallel to the present in the moral sphere. It seems like we Catholics have lost our chops when it comes to defending the “hard stuff.” By saying this, I am not a proponent of going crazy on people and telling them that they are going to hell, but charitably laying out the Catholic worldview for people to see, and inviting them into this most wonderful life. We don’t give legitimacy to evil by discussing it. It has wormed its way into all of our souls without any help from us (and if we’re brutally honest, it has come with quite a bit of help from us).

We call the Gospel the Good News. Rightfully so. It is. IF we believe that, it should overflow into our conversations with others, so that other people can hear and accept that Good News, too.

It makes me wonder why I share it so infrequently.

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