Facebook Friends and the Eucharist | Pt 22

One of the most beautiful tenets of the faith in Catholicism is that of the Eucharist-that the bread and wine offered at mass become truly and substantially the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Christ Himself.  He does not abandon us, and gives us His Flesh to eat, to sustain and nourish us, to help us to grow and to enable us to partake in the divine life in a very real, physical, flesh-and-blood way.

When we feel the need to give  preference to “digital visitors” via Facebook, email, and text over the flesh-and-blood companions we have across the restaurant table, it’s no wonder we think mass is boring.  If we care less about the person across the table whom we can see, it would be a little audacious to think we could show up as rockstars when we are called to adore the God whom we cannot.

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