If my Grandmother had wheels… | Pt. 16

“She’d be a wagon.” –Scotty, Star Trek III : The Search for Spock

If complaints about your favorite issue (politics, abortion, economics, racism, bishops whose leadership is questionable (*cough* I’m very guilty), etc) cured the problems…

There wouldn’t be any.

It’s important to remember raising awareness about issues, but artists do not dine on exposure and issues are seldom solved by speeches. More often, rolling up sleeves and diving into the thick of it not only actually helps the issue, but teaches you a little bit more about it as well.

Often, it’s good to vent and get thoughts out there, but backbiting and complaining ought not to be confused for genuine, good, or clean communication.

You’re guaranteed to grow when you serve the poor, have honest conversations, and love. It’s a good idea to put the Works of Mercy into our lives this Lent.

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