Memento Mori and Fear of Death | Pt 4

I was reading The Imitation of Christ this morning-the spiritual classic by Thomas a Kempis. The chapter covered the pondering of death and thinking about our own mortality, that we might not be caught off guard.

I used to think that memento mori (remembering death) meant fearing that death would come for us, and this life would be over. Reading this chapter today though, I recognized that this is less of a fear that death would come sweep us away at any moment, but rather how great of a gift the present is.

While we are not guaranteed tomorrow, right now we are alive. Sometimes we forget that.

Instead of fearing death, we ought to say to ourselves-“I have this time here. What can I do today to become the person that I want to be? What can I do right now to live God’s will in my life, and become the person that He has made and called me to be?”

It’s not helpful to think of death as a predator that we need to run from. It’s far more helpful to think of our life as limited, and the grace that we have in the present to become saints. We can make the right decisions today, and by so doing give God glory by loving Him, following Him, listening to Him.

What would happen if we did everything right today?

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