Another Great Experiment-Pt 1

I was recently watching a Seth Godin interview on Youtube (link below), where he spoke about creativity, writer’s block, and moving the ball forward. He issued a bit of a challenge that I think would be interesting to take up-he said that writer’s block is a myth.

I was intrigued, and he went on to say that as a professional, you don’t get to say that you’re having a bad day, or (in his example of the plumber), that the pipes just didn’t resonate with you today.

His challenge was that a blog post be written every day for 100 days, to build a propensity for generosity and creativity-that every day at 4 PM, I’m shipping something, and saying to the world, “Hey, I made this.” Even if the work isn’t perfect, even if nobody is reading it, and even if you’re not “feeling it.”

Lent seems like a great time to take up this challenge. I have no idea where it will go, but thanks for joining me here. Let’s explore together.

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