Unhappy Because We’re Busy

Or busy because we’re unhappy?

That’s a question that popped into my head while I was on a conference call recently. Of course the ups and downs of life are a lot more complicated than a simple black/white choice. But it got me thinking.

Ask anybody how they’re doing, and they’re likely to say some generic response like “good,” or “fine,” but lately I’ve been noticing many people replying to that question by saying, “busy.”

Of all the technology and advancements we’ve made, it was all supposed to give us more time, and to enable us to do more better. But it seems like the opposite is true. It’s worth pondering, though-are we unhappy because we’re busy, or do we heap things on our schedule because deep down, we’re not happy about something?

Maybe family life isn’t all we thought it would be. Maybe there is some unaddressed fear at work, or a lack of fulfillment in the way we’re living. Maybe deep down, we know that we could be better than we are, but we don’t want to choose what is necessary to get over that hump.

No matter the case, it might be a good point to reflect on whether we are unhappy because of all the stuff going on in our lives, or rather if we have piled on things in our lives to distract us. If the latter, there is nothing to fear-by addressing things courageously, we can simplify, slow down, and work on those things which gnaw at our hearts and weigh us down.

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