Pardon My Dust

Sometimes, we can get spiritually dusty.  Perhaps this is because of neglect-we’ve let the junk of the world settle on us by lack of prayer or by lack of fervor in combating our vices.  Or maybe it’s God’s initiative. The dust of a construction site, as he builds us up into something wonderful.

Either way, it’s a good thing to make note of and bring to God in prayer-to discern what the cause is and tell him simply that we’re dusty, and that we’d like him to clean us up.  Humble prayers are usually the best, and little could be humbler than recognizing that we’ve gotten some dust here and there, and that we trust God to sweep.

Also, pardon my dust as I work on this website.  I’ve had a burst of inspiration recently, and I’m working hard on making this site the best that it can possibly be.  As I work, I would love your feedback. My intention is to turn this site into nothing less than a world class place for education about the faith and for a haven of spiritual guidance and growth.  

God bless, and happy weekend!

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