Getting Quiet

Sometimes it’s tough to get quiet.  Because when we do, the chance that people won’t get caught up in noise and activity and instead focus on details is scary-perhaps they will notice some detail in us that we would rather they not.

The same applies for prayer-that if we truly become quiet with God, He will notice something awful (which is dumb-he is omniscient). Or maybe we’re afraid that he will speak (something which I still have to convince myself is not scary).  

If we get quiet, one thing is sure to happen-he will show us our faults, and speak to us of the details that he-the master artisan-would like to see in us.  And at first, that’s terrifying, as the great sculptor comes at us with a chisel. But after the first few blows, we begin to see that he intends to make us a masterpiece-his masterpiece.

But in order to do that, we need to get quiet in the wild tranquility of his presence.  Take consistent, quiet time each day to be with him and listen. And don’t fidget. You will be displeased with the results if he attempt to carve you like marble but instead you wriggle like Jello.

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