The Fastest Way to Pray

A quick Google search reveals that there are lots of people asking what the fastest way to learn the piano is.  Or how to draw. Or get a college degree.

I am an engineer-I make a living by working smarter rather than harder.  It’s a good way to view the world. But sometimes we get so bound up in methods that we lose sight of our actual goals.  

Prayer is communication with God.  While there are ways of being a more effective communicator, that ought not to be the only goal.  Real communication involves a communion of persons, and it is this that is the goal of prayer-that we may share in the divine life.

We can research plenty of methods of prayer, and maybe they’ll help.  But if we take the attitude that we need to be perfect and find the method that suits us best, we’re bound never to pray, and to be frustrated along the way.  Because the door to true communication is “us-shaped.” And although the methods help, overemphasis on the method turns us into androids. And the Saints are not ultra-pious cyborgs-they are persons uniquely created in the image and likeness of God, each with their own personality.


So are we.


It takes raw honesty and humility to get out of our own way and simply be with God.  It’s not easy-particularly not in the airbrushed world of Facebook and Instagram. But with God’s grace, we’ll get there.

Take some time to pray today.  And tomorrow.

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