Happy All Saint’s Day

In the Litany of the Sacred Heart, one of the final prayers is “Heart of Jesus, delight of all the Saints, have mercy on us.”

It’s a beautiful prayer-by meditating on it, we come to an understanding of what it is that has made the Saints the Saints.  They have peered deep into the most Sacred Heart of Jesus, and there they have found their delight. They patterned their life after His fully human and fully divine heart, which had compassion for the woman at the well, offered Living Water which would never go dry, and admonished her to repent and to choose a better path.  They encountered the Heart which drove Him to eat with the disciples, to love them to the end, and to wash their feet. They entered into the Heart which was pierced with a lance, and gushed forth with blood and water after uttering “consummatum est,” holding nothing back and giving all to the beloved.

Gazing into this heart of love, who could not be consumed and delighted by so great a love, ever ancient, ever new?  A love which is addressed to each of us personally and presently. One which understands, but calls us to higher life because it knows that we were made for a heart that beats like His.

Happy Feast of All Saints.  Pray, and make your decisions such that one day we may all join their ranks.

All you Holy Angels and Saints of God, Pray for Us.


Sacred Heart of Jesus, Delight of all the Saints, Have Mercy on Us.

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