Persistence, Part 1. Or, “My Friend Came in at 3AM. Can I Have Your Bread?”

In one of the daily Gospel readings recently, we hear of a man who knocks on his neighbor’s door late into the night to ask for some bread.  When the neighbor initially refuses, Jesus says that the man’s petitions will be answered out of his persistence. Are we willing to keep asking for things? Doesn’t God hear us the first time?

Maybe eventually we’ll ask enough to realize what we’re actually asking for-that that motorcycle is actually a way to flaunt our wealth, that the new job is just a cover up for the insecurity that I feel about myself, and that this relationship does nothing more than assuage my own sense of loneliness.

Maybe the reason that God tells is to be persistent is not to nag, but rather to show us what we actually desire and what our intentions are. By asking repeatedly, we are changed and made more perfect.  It is in this perfection that we will actually have the capacity to enjoy those graces that we receive.


Ask, Seek, and Knock.

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