Father’s Day, 2018

“There are things about being a father I’d remember for all my days.

How I held him in my arms as a baby.  Awkward to start, like carrying a chicken, and then finally getting the hang of it.

The morning I found him standing up in his crib for the very first time, just busting with pride and a smile as big as the moon.

Watching him push back the screen door and toddle out on his own into the yard–talking to the dog and the ants and the porch swing.

The more I thought about those things, the more I thought of Clark as a normal boy.

But, my son could bend steel in his bare hands.

And as much as I wanted to tell him that all the answers in this life and the next could be found in Smallville…

All I could promise Clark is that his mother and I would love him.


-Jonathan Kent, from the incomparable pen of Jeph Loeb in Superman For All Seasons

Fatherhood (probably) is not easy.  Starting out, I’m sure it’s a little bit like carrying a chicken.  But through love, mothers and fathers raise up another generation.

As much as we’d like to give our children the world, we can’t.  As perfect as we’d love the world to be for them, it isn’t. Fatherhood and motherhood, authentically lived, are perhaps the greatest acts of love possible for us.  It is the choice to face an uncertain world, taking our broken selves and guiding another broken self to grow from a boy or a girl into a man or a woman. To raise another immortal soul and to lead them to the Father.

Thanks to my dad for raising me and teaching me most of what I know.  

Happy Father’s Day to all fathers and spiritual fathers.  Even though you’re not perfect and you can’t fix everything, the family is the classroom of love, and you play an indispensable part in dispelling a little bit of darkness from the world.  And I thank you for that.

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