A Little More About Me

Hi-glad you could join me here.  So, the internet knows me as Mr. McScruffmuffin.  I’m a muffin from the American Midwest.  I grew up being the geekiest muffin on the rack.  You can bet I was invited to all the parties in high school 🙂

My life changed while I was in college, though-it was the first time that I had left the oven, so I wasn’t sure what I believed in or who I was.  Fortunately, I found support from a rather drab philosophy gen-ed.  The class was terrible, but I was captivated by the thinkers we covered-Plato, Nietzsche, and Heidegger-and I could sense that there was so much more in life than what I was living.  I asked questions that were hard, and I demanded hard answers.  This led me to recover a classical worldview (one which I believe is either prematurely brushed aside, or not even known by most people today), along with a deep love of the Roman Catholic faith.

At roughly the same time, I stumbled across an episode of The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross.  I figured it looked easy, so I jumped in head first, and found I had a natural ability.

Art is a uniquely human act.  Ideally, it expresses the personhood of the artist, and displays a generosity and a zeal-an audacious hope.  Good art is an act of rebellion against the chaos and dangers of this fallen world, and helps the mind ascend to the higher things.  Good philosophy is no different.  In their own way, each brings us to contemplation of Truth, Goodness, and Beauty, which is ultimately where we’ll find great understanding about life-not by ignoring the mundane and the everyday, but by moving through these, fully embracing them and elevating them.

Here you will see me post a lot of artwork.  You will also read a great deal of the thoughts that I’ve chosen to publish.  I’ve been grappling with questions ever since my days in college, and perhaps before.  At some level, I think everyone deals with the questions, “Who am I?  What makes a good human existence?  And how can I do that?”  My posts are not meant necessarily to be answers, but to provide food for thought about these deep questions in a world quickly becoming vapid-to fight against mindless Facebook scrolling and “creeping practical nihilism.”

I really hope that this content helps you.  And me. May we all come to revel in the joyful peace of Truth, Goodness, & Beauty.  And Breakfast.


God bless.

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